Bloomberg Link: Cloud, Data Centers & Risk

Bloomberg Link: Cloud, Data Centers & Risk Play

Dec. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Cloud 1.0 sizzled as businesses looked to move to large, centralized data centers over of maintaining proprietary "walled gardens." Speed, agility and lower Total Cost of Ownership were demanded. Now that many systems have now been abstracted from the physical servers and storage into their virtual worlds, what does the next evolution look like? What does Cloud 2.0 look like? Speakers: Vishnu Bhat, Senior Vice President and Global Head - Cloud, Infosys Gilles Chekroun, Distinguished Engineer - Data Centre, Cisco Gavin Jackson, Senior Director & General Manager for Cloud Services EMEA, VMware Chris Moyer, Chief Technology Officer, EMEA, HP Enterprise Service, Hewlett-Packard Company Interviewed by: Anand Srinivasan, Sector Head for Semiconductors & Technology Hardware, Bloomberg Research (Source: Bloomberg)

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