Instapundit: IP Laws Need to be "Pruned Back"

Instapundit: IP Laws Need to be "Pruned Back" Play

May 24 (Bloomberg Law) -- Under current intellectual property law, a consumer who unlocks his or her own cellphone can be convicted as a felon. Law professor and Instapundit founder Glenn Reynolds says such a scenario is evidence of how far U.S. intellectual property laws have moved away from their original purpose, giving large corporations tremendous power at the cost of consumer rights. "They give [corporations] way too much...intellectual property laws were actually written as a way of cutting back on monopolies, not granting bigger ones," he says. Additionally, Reynolds says these burdens cause broader systemic harm, as the current intellectual property regime makes it difficult for individuals to come up with innovative, economically productive ideas. "There's just a thicket of intellectual property problems that people have to get through to bring new products to market now and that's very destructive," he says.

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