Required Reading: Mary Meeker's Web 2.0 Presentation

Posted by: Spencer Ante on October 22, 2009

On Oct. 20 Morgan Stanley analyst Mary Meeker delivered her annual “Economy + Internet Trends” report. For techies, this is required reading, so I am posting an embed of the report on this blog.

Among the most important takeaways:
* The Tech Sector is a Growing Part of the Global Economy
* Ad Spending Should Grow in 2010
* Mobile Internet Usage Will be Bigger Than Most Think
* Apple Mobile Share Should Surprise on the Upside Near-Term
* Mobile Internet Outpaces Desktop Internet Adoption!
* Facebook is the Largest Share Gainer of Online Usage Over Past 3 Years

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Mary Meeker’s Internet Presentation 2009

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Navin Kumar

October 23, 2009 07:53 AM

Amazing done and extremely well presented with great insights.

Who ever has done this, I might want to meet you.


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