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Desmond Haynes, Jr.

May 4, 2008 06:37 AM

Balmer did nothing wrong - why do I say? He screwed with one of his ad competitors (yahoo) made them look like dog sh*t; smoked out Google and finally nothing like getting the troops at msft at least moving again..they have been lame competitors since the DOJ bullshit... Balmer had nothing to lose and a ton to gain on the competitive strategy side..finally good to see Yahoo get competitive or at least hitting the proverbial gym..

This was doomed from day 1


May 5, 2008 05:51 AM

This is probably the best thing to have happened to Yahoo in recent times. Microsoft acquired Hotmail, and look where it is today. Its been a long time since I've come across anybody with a hotmail id.

And imagine logging in to Microsoft (R) Windows (TM) Live (TM) Yahoo (R) email! Or using Microsoft (R) Windows (TM) Live (TM) Yahoo (R) messanger! Imagine Yahoo's server farms running Windows!

Ram, Captain Mail

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