Oracle Pre-Announce: A Little Hat Eating....

Posted by: Sarah Lacy on June 15, 2006

So last earnings story I did on Oracle, back in March, talked about why investors were under whelmed with what appeared to be pretty good results. Some people- who shall remain nameless- accused me of having “a snarky tone.”

I countered that while, yes, the applications numbers were good, rivals (ahem, SAP) had a valid point when they claimed that the database revenues were a serious problem, being the core of the company's business and all. March marked the third disappointing quarter for database sales in a row.

The aforementioned commenter said i was being unfair- that everyone used to complain about applications and applications were growing. Come on! Where's the love?, he asked. Well, I promised if Oracle busted out with an amazing database number, I'd do the fair thing and give them props.

Consider these my props. I don't know the details yet since it was a pre-announce but even SAP will have a hard time spinning 18% growth in database revenues and 56% growth in applications revenues- apples-to-apples, ie without Siebel and Retek in the mix. Even I'm at a loss for something to snark about. (Unless, you want to point out that it's just one quarter, but let's stick with the props-- this one surprised almost everyone.)

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