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April 05, 2006

Tim You Tastemaking Fool, Part II

Tim Mullaney

Visicu, the IPO blogged in this space on Monday, priced last night at $16 a share, well above the $11 to $13 initial range. And it's trading at $23.55 now after flirting with $26 this morning.

Oooh, it makes me feel all Cindy Adams-ish. I knew it was happening, I said it was happening,and it did.

As usual, the market is intent on making a promising new IPO company just expensive enough to make the buy-or-pass decision a hard one. At $13, buying Visicu was taking candy from the founders. At $24, with a market cap around $700 million, it's a pretty decent short-term balance of risk and reward. At least, it's good enough that I'm not going to say much more about whether to snag some in the short term without doing more reporting. But keep an eye out for lower entry points should they emerge.

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