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November 17, 2005

Does technology make us less productive?

Steve Rosenbush

"Are you sure punk?"

Several people have responded to musician and activist Bob Geldof's denunciation of email. D. Cunninghan, a student in the U.K., has contributed a long and thoughtful analysis that envisions a new, improved email of the future. D.'s brightest innovation:

...the overworked "Reply To All" button could prompt you each time it's pressed with a dialogue box (complete with a Clint Eastwood hologram) asking "Are you sure Punk"?

D. has other great ideas, which can be found here.

Thanks D. As a token of our appreciaton, you have been inducted into Deal Flow's Geldof Society for the Advancement of Technology. We're accepting new members. Send us your ideas on how to make technology better, and we'll induct you too.

11:21 AM

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Geldof Society for the Advancement of Technology.

How appropriate that he hails from the land of Saints and Scholars........a veritable hotbed of technology to boot.

Am honoured to be inducted today although is it better to be a luddite or a zealot? We need both to achieve a happy and dynamic medium.

Who knows we may yet switch from inductions to indictments as a pandemic of RSI joins the curses of the 21st century alongside type II diabetes much for progress Pilgrim!

Posted by: David Cunningham at November 17, 2005 02:05 PM

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