Dove’s Photography Folks Simply Couldn’t Help Themselves?

Posted by: Burth Helm on May 19, 2008

I’m still digging into how Dove digitally altered photos from its Campaign for Real Beauty. Dove denied it did anything more than “color correction,” while a New Yorker profile says that at least some of the women were heavily touched up.

In the meantime, several readers commented that they were hardly surprised Dove retouched the ads — even though the campaign’s point was promoting natural beauty. Julie Dennehy says it best: “We know that no self-respecting art director (or client) is going to feature a “real” model with pock marks, day surgery or bike trip scars, and uneven skin tones - as “real” as those things are, they just don’t sell products, unfortunately.” I’ve been hearing similar sentiments elsewhere on Madison Avenue.



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