Strawberry Frog Lands Sam's Club

Posted by: David Kiley on August 16, 2006

New York independent ad agency Strawberry Frog landed the ad account of Arkansas-based Sam’s Club, the warehouse store division of Walmart.

Strawberry Frog succeeds Austin, Texas based ad agency GSD&M. TNS Media Intelligence says Sam’s spent about $15 million last year. But there are rumblings that Sam’s is about to engage in a brand push (hence the review for a new ad agency)that could increase ad spend to around $100 million.

Walmart, and by extension Sam’s Club, is looking for more respect on Wall Street and from consumers. The parent company is frustrated by its declining earnings growth and stagnant share price. It’s been overhauling the way it looks at marketing, including hiring a flock of actual marketers.

Walmart is also engaged in a review of its $570 million ad account.

Strawberry Frog is known for campaigns for Heineken, Sprite, Old nave and others, as well as an interesting new campaign for toymaker Mega Bloks.

Sam’s Club is a good score for Strawberry Frog as it recently got snookered out of the Heineken business when the brewer put its global branding work with Frank Lowe’s new London agency because of some personal relationships between the client and Lowe.

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August 29, 2006 11:59 AM

The tv ad are so expensive but the ompanies earn a lot of benefits and no just money . They gain image, credibility and audience`s knowledge.

Companies like Cocacola, Sony ,Apple lunch fantastic pdroducts througth professional ad agency, consultancy ...Why not? they can allowe itselfs

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