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Wednesday Links: Cupcakes, Giving Thanks

The FDIC’s Sheila Bair says banks need to lend, Paul Wiseman and Pallavi Gogoi (a former BWer) report in USA Today.

How many cupcakes do you have to sell each month to pay the rent? The NY Time’s Elizabeth Olsen finds out.

At Slate’s BizBox, Marc Tracy signs off with an elegant note about why entrepreneurs need health reform.

AmEx’s Open Forum splices and dices the small business Twitter stream, MG Siegler writes in TechCrunch.

Finally, some things our small biz followers on Twitter are thankful for:

@CathyIconis: I am thankful I am not in the red!

@dankastner: that we are still here. Many companies are not.

@BeckyMcCray: i am thankful for terrific people to work with: clients, associates, suppliers and more.

@EricaFenik: I am grateful to work among people who take near equal measures of intellect and fun.

And I’d like to thank all our readers, commenters, Twitter followers, and everyone else that makes this enterprise possible. We wouldn’t be here without you.

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