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25 to watch: Cleantech startups in solar, biofuels smart grid, and more

Heads up if you missed it. In partnership with, BusinessWeek surveyed the land of energy startups and discovered that — despite the great recession and despite the ongoing credit crunch — innovative startups in the green energy space are hitting the market with real products and starting to take off. Check it out here:

The Next Energy Innovators — BusinessWeek and have assembled a list of 25 intriguing energy startups, including young companies that tap geothermal heat, turn waste into biodiesel, and more

25 companies to watch in cleantech — A slideshow.

Is a Clean-Energy Economy Our ‘Next Internet’? — Just as the race from mainframes to smartphones made information free, surging innovation can make energy so abundant that it becomes nearly free says Joel Makower, executive editor at

China's Killer Profits
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