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Samsung to Introduce Android Phone in Q2

According to this story this morning, Samsung will launch a phone based on Android, the software developed by companies including Google, in a matter of months. The phone will become available in North America the second quarter of 2009 from Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile USA, which currently offers the only Android phone available in the U.S., the G1. The story implies the phone may look similar to Samsung Instinct.

This phone may be just the break Google has been looking for in making Android a success. The first phone, the G1 from HTC, is nice looking enough. But the phone suffers from a lot of problems, such as fast battery drain. If Samsung can put out a comparable product that overcomes that challenge and is perhaps thinner and lighter, too, that would be a coup. I bet a lot of consumers would be interested.

And I don?? see why Samsung can?? do just that. Over the past year, Samsung and LG have been getting rave reviews for their touch-screen iPhone clones. Arguably, their hardware has been as good-looking and well-designed as the legendary Apple device. What they??e been missing is good software. Well, soon, no more.

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