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In SPRay for Wii, you control the Spirited Prince Ray as he fights to prevent an evil Queen and her anti-matter buddies from overtaking a village. Helping you out are two spiritual demons, one good and one bad. Rather than conjuring up magic attacks, they spit and vomit. It's an interesting idea, and some of the puzzles show glimmers of innovation (like climbing up a wall using sticky snot). However, SPRay is undone by unimaginative and sloppy gameplay. Aside from completing the same mundane tasks, your sword attacks don't work properly and the in-game camera takes a good 10 seconds to adjust its angle. The graphics and sound are good, although the puke effects are a little much. Even the inclusion of a few inspired multiplayer games can't save this mess, including a four-person game called "Vomit It!" SPRay had potential, but it's just another bad third party Wii game.

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