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Coffee and Free Wi-Fi: Now That's Service!

Starbucks just made a really smart move: It has started offering its loyal customers free Wi-Fi service.

This is something lots of people who??e frequently found themselves working at Starbucks have dreamed about for years. Until recently, T-Mobile charged $10 a day for the service inside Starbucks. That?? one reason many people have opted to go work at cafes that don?? charge for Wi-Fi access, instead. Now, after switching to AT&T for Wi-Fi services, Starbucks is finally getting onto the free Wi-Fi bandwagon. And I believe that will help the company sell a lot more mochas and lattes.

According to this story, ??ustomers can purchase a Starbucks Card, which is like a gift card to yourself, with a minimum of $5 on the card. Then you go online to register the card for the rewards program. The rewards program grants you up to two hours of consecutive access every day. The $5 on the card can be used to buy coffee, snacks or other goods from Starbucks. ?I love this idea. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Starbucks finds that people come to its stores more often and drink substantially more coffee.

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