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Keep Your Cool Under Pressure

Patience is a virtue that every leader should embrace. Panic is the enemy of efficient problem-solving and can be detrimental to the productivity of your workforce. As a small business owner, you are probably sensitive to constraints that affect how much time is available before a given problem needs a solution. With deadlines looming, you may become irritable and easily annoyed if things are not moving along as smoothly as you had envisioned.

Here is how to avoid damaging your productivity with impatience:

1. Recognize that different people will want to work at different paces.

2. Challenge your own actions first before attacking others.

3. Identify your tendencies when you are working to solve problems with others. Are you fast? Are you deliberate?

4. Above all else, you should tell yourself to remain relaxed. If you are working with a team member who often disagrees with you, temper your feelings of frustration before they slow you down. If your annoyance relates to inappropriate behavior, communicate how you are feeling and what you would like to see happen—in a controlled but assertive manner.

Keith Ayers



West Chester, Pa.

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