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Off biking

I’m heading out to Western Pennsylvania today for a biking trip. First we’ll see Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water. Then I’ll start pedaling (alone) back to New Jersey. I think I’ll dip down into Maryland and West Virginia to avoid those bumps in Western PA that we easterners call mountains. The last long bike trip I took was 22 years ago. Here are some items I’ll be carrying this time that I didn’t back then:


Cell phone

iPod (not for use while riding)

LED flashlight

credit card

A. de Saint-Exupery’s Vol de Nuit

And here’s what I won’t be carrying:

sleeping bag



History of the American People by Samuel E. Morrison

Here’s what I’d carry if I weren’t a cheapskate: GPS mapping do-hickey.

What I won’t be doing for the next eight days:

working on my book


Hollywood Goes YouTube

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