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Two Random, Unrelated, But Nevertheless Interesting Comments From the OnHollywood Conference

?? don?? think you can set up too many rules [on how consumers may play with and remix content] right now. People feel a sense of freedom. If you don?? let them play, they are going to play anyway.?/p>

—Ted Cohen, SVP-Digital Development and Distribution, EMI.

Hard to argue with. What I found even more interesting, on a purely law-of-unintended-consequences level, was what Jennifer Feiken, the director of Google Video, said about five minutes before Ted said the previous comment.

She said that directors of music videos, in a nod to how online (and mobile) videos are watching within small frames, are saying they realize they have to shoot a lot more in extreme closeup. A gorgeous wide shot doesn’t have the same impact inside a three-inch screen that it does on a three-foot screen.

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