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Bw Podcast with Backfence's Susan DeFife

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April 19, 2006

Bw Podcast with Backfence's Susan DeFife

Heather Green

On this week's BW Cutting Edge podcast, Susan DeFife, the president and CEO of Backfence, talks about the startup, which provides tools for community journalism. Backfence, which launched in the Washington, D.C.area a year ago, is trying to create communities online in three areas where they didn't exist before.

It recently acquired Bayosphere, the San Francisoc Bay startup from citizen media guru Dan Gillmor which failed to gain traction. DeFife explains some of the lessons the company is learning and its expansion plans. Unluckily, this was taped before Backfence bought Bayosphere.

10:12 AM

Citizen Media

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