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So that's why he thinks this house is worth half a mil

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April 12, 2006

So that's why he thinks this house is worth half a mil

Tim Mullaney

A hat tip to Inman News Service for uncovering brave Colorado legislators rushing to fix what really scares us about this housing market: The chance that that dream house you're seeking might turn out to be a secret methamphetemine lab....

Every day, I like my career decision to avoid politics a little better. Unless this is a spoof and Comedy Central is posing as a low-key real estate news service.

In theory, one supposes, you can actually get sick from buying a house where someone long ago played with chemicals. Inman knows of one case from 2003. But you'll have to pardon me if I suspect Steve Colbert must have been elected to the Colorado state Senate.

04:18 PM

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