Cell Phone Laws

Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and the District of Columbia each

have enacted a jurisdiction-wide ban on driving while talking on a handheld

cellular phone.

Five states (Illinois, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Ohio and Pennsylvania)

allow localities to ban cell phone use. Localities that have enacted

restrictions on cell phone use include: Chicago, IL; Brookline, MA;

Santa Fe, NM; Brooklyn, North Olmstead and Walton Hills, OH; and Conshohocken,

Lebanon and West Conshohocken, PA.

Seven states (Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada,

Oklahoma and Oregon) prohibit localities from banning cell phone use.

Eleven states (Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware,

Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Texas)

and DC prohibit the use of all cellular phones while driving a school


Ten states (Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Maryland,

Minnesota, New Jersey, Tennessee, and Texas) and DC restrict the use

of cellular phones by teens in the graduated licensing system.

All but three states with cell phone bans have primary enforcement

laws. New Jersey’s ban is a secondary enforcement law for everyone

except school bus drivers and learner’s permit and intermediate

license holders. Colorado and Maryland have secondary enforcement laws.

Secondary enforcement laws may only be enforced when a driver has been

stopped for another infraction.

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