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Who's Working At Home Without Extra Pay?

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September 23, 2005

Who's Working At Home Without Extra Pay?

Michael Mandel

A new survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Work at Home in 2004, confirms that educated workers are the ones putting in the work-related hours at home without extra pay (For example, writing reports for work on your own time at home, or grading papers at home if you are a school teacher).

Here's a nice chart that I put together from data in the report.

So roughly one-fifth of workers with a bachelor's degree are working at home without pay. Basically nobody else is, according to this survey.

How many hours? Over 7 hours a week of unpaid work at home, on average, for educated workers. No wonder they feel stressed.

(The average is taken over those workers who reported that they did unpaid work at home, for each educational classification)

Edited on September 27 for clarity.

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