"Get Creative!" (Cover Story, Aug. 1, 2005)

In "Get creative!" and the sidebar "Mr. Metrics" (Cover Story, Aug. 1), the correct name of Larry Keeley's company is Doblin Inc., not Doblin Group. And the table accompanying "Tomorrow's B-school? It might be a D-school" incorrectly named a "D-school" alternative. It is Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology.

In "The taxman takes a breather" (Plus, Aug. 1), we incorrectly stated that Atlanta residents would pay a 1% city tax on otherwise exempt items during the Georgia state sales tax holiday, July 28-31. All Georgia counties will waive their local taxes during the holiday, so Atlanta residents will pay no sales taxes on exempt clothing, school supplies, and computers priced under $100, $20, and $1,500, respectively.

A table and map accompanying "Detroit East" (International Cover Story, July 25) mistakenly placed Renault's Nove Mesto factory in Slovakia. The plant is in Slovenia.

Toyota's Hydrogen Man
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