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May 12, 2005

Can MSM afford good bloggers? Kos responds

Stephen Baker

I'll admit, while I may have scored a rhetorical point in my debate with Kos, I steered the discussion out of context. He said that mainstream media couldn't afford to hire top-level bloggers, and I responded that if they could throw a half bil Howard Stern's way, they could afford just about anything.

But Kos and an anonymous "blogger" make good points in comments. Here's Kos:

"A Blogger" has it right. If someone wants to drop $100 million on my lap, then I might have to think long and hard about it, lol. But that kind of money rarely (ever?) gets bandied out to print media personalities, and it's not the sort of money that I expect to ever seen thrown at bloggers. I mean, Howard Stern is Howard Stern.

What we've seen the past few months is print publications attempt to bring established bloggers in house, and offering standard journalism salaries ($5K seems to be pretty standard). Multiply that by three or four, and it's still less than top bloggers are making now or will in the next year or two.

Reasonable enough. He also says that he won't declare how much he makes anymore than I will. True. But if you saw me climbing off the bus at the Port Authority this morning, you could safely assume that McGraw Hill can scrape together the money to pay me without arranging bridge financing from Goldman Sachs. In other words, the Howard Stern comparison, while zesty, was off mark.

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Stephen, why did I imagine you driving a Roller?

Posted by: John Evans at May 12, 2005 12:41 PM

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