"Don't Believe The Hype" (Personal Business, Feb. 7, 2005)

"Don't believe the hype" (Personal Business, Feb. 7) refers to NF Communications, a company that sells training programs to teach annuity salespeople how to find affluent seniors who might want to buy or exchange an annuity. President Larry Klein says the program advises salespeople not to encourage exchanges unless it is to the client's advantage.

"Citi: a whole new playbook" (Finance, Feb. 14) should have said that expense growth exceeded revenue growth in seven of Citigroup's nine units.

"Logged way out of AOL" (Up Front, Feb. 14, print edition) inadvertently ran a photo of former AOL employee J. Michael Kelly instead of David Colburn, ex-president of AOL's business affairs unit.

Toyota's Hydrogen Man
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