Is Bush a Shoo-In for '04? Not Yet

By Douglas Harbrecht

What Happened to Economic Growth? While Bush excels in molding perceptions about his leadership, voters clearly aren't sold on his policies. In fact, they're downright suspicious (see BW Online, 7/3/03, "Wanted: A Politics of Generiosity"). A recent Harris poll on his tax cut showed that while a slight majority tepidly approved it, by 54% to 34%, most of those polled also think it's unfair and that the benefits will go largely to the rich. A majority preferred to see the money spent on improving health care, education, and other government programs. Small wonder the President is now heavily promoting a new Medicare prescription benefit.

Here's the election-year problem for Bush: If the two major tax cuts now enacted under his Administration -- in 2001 and this one -- don't get the economy growing again soon, the perception that he's looking out only for the rich will likely grow. The June job numbers released on July 3, with the unemployment r

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