Waiting with "Cautious Optimism"

Q: This might be a good time to tell us how S&P would allocate assets (stocks vs. bonds vs. cash) and how the various sectors should be weighted in a stock portfolio.

A: Right now, we would recommend the typical investor be about 65% in stocks, 25% in medium-term bonds, and 10% in cash. The sectors we would currently concentrate on are consumer discretionary and materials.

Q: Is Gannett (GCI ) a safe stock?

A: We think so. We see good earnings growth in 2004, to $5.65 from $4.87 this year. We rank the stock a strong buy.

Q: Are there any stocks that you would sell?

A: There's a whole bunch. These include such names as AT&T Wireless (AWE ), Campbell Soup (CPB ), Delta Airlines (DAL ), Dow Jones (

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