Mother Russia at War with Herself

By Paul Starobin

TWO-WAY TRAVEL. In the case of the AFL-CIO's Stevenson, Moscow office director of the U.S. AID-funded Solidarity Center, she apparently raised hackles by consulting with Russia's air-traffic-control union about a threatened strike. Impolitic, perhaps. But that hardly makes her a national-security threat. "I think it's important that the Russian government remember that travel goes two ways," Stevenson said from Washington, where she's cooped up in a hotel while she tries to get her visa back. "You cannot be calling for free travel for Russians in Europe while at the same time you're turning people away at the border who have visas."

Putin, the ex-KGB colonel based in East Germany during Soviet times, is contributing to the clash of cultures. He doesn't want Russia to turn its back on the world. With his support for such open-market policies as World Trade Organization entry, he's encou

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