"Professional services: The help needs help" (Industry Outlook 2003, Jan. 13, 2003)

"Professional services: The help needs help" (Industry Outlook 2003, Jan. 13) incorrectly stated that Arthur D. Little closed its doors in 2002. The firm declared bankruptcy and was sold to another company, but it continues in operation. "Brainwork from the experts" ("Where to invest," Dec. 30/Jan. 6) overstated the loss to an investor holding a 10-year U.S. Treasury note with a 4% coupon over one year in which market yields rise to 5%. The loss, after interest payments, would be approximately 3.15%, not 25%. "Stem-cell setback" (Capital Wrapup, Jan. 13) incorrectly reported that the biotech industry had financed a "multimillion-dollar" campaign to allow continued research on stem cells. Biotech and patients'-rights groups say they have spent tens of thousands of dollars at most on such lobbying.

China's Killer Profits
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