"It could be tech time again" ("Where to invest," Cover Story, Dec. 31, 2001/Jan. 7, 2002)

In "It could be tech time again" ("Where to invest," Cover Story, Dec. 31/Jan. 7), the final paragraph of the story was incomplete, and should have read: "In the fourth quarter, many investors have become more afraid of losing out on a big rebound than of overpaying for technology stocks. That lack of caution could cost them big in the coming months, if the pessimists are right."

In addition, the "For the record" box accompanying the story should have said that Paul H. Wick runs the $6 billion Seligman Communications & Information Fund. "How to cash out of your company" (BusinessWeek Investor, Oct. 1) incorrectly stated that the net unrealized appreciation rule (NUA) requires individuals to take a distribution of their entire balance from tax-deferred plans within one year from when they leave their job. Individuals need not take distributions when they leave a company, but to qualify for NUA they must take all distributions within a year of taking the first one.

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