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ABN AMRO Cuts Estimates on Dell

ABN AMRO cut the EPS and revenue estimates for Dell (DELL).

Analyst Robert Cihra says he cut estimates in line with reductions he's made across the PC market (he also cut Gateweay, Apple and Compaq.) He cut the $0.16 Q3 EPS estimate to $0.15, and trimmed the $7.4 billion Q3 revenue estimate to $7.2 billion. He also cut the $0.66 fiscal 2002 (Jan.) EPS estimate to $0.63, and trimmed the $31 billion fiscal 2002 revenue estimate to $30.5 billion.

Additionally, Cihra cut the $0.77 fiscal 2003 EPS estimate to $0.71, and lowered the $33.3 billion fiscal 2003 revenue estimate to $32.3 billion.

Finally, Cihra cut the $30 target to $25, and kept his add rating.

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