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Cutting The Credit Card Cord

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Cutting the Credit-Card Cord

If you don't have a phone line, you can't easily take a credit card--unless you're not worried about verification. That's a major inconvenience for businesses that provide limousine or home maintenance services, say, or sell from kiosks at outdoor markets. Now, U.S. Wireless Data has come up with new technology that lets credit-card processing companies work through wireless communications providers. The company has inked agreements with major electronic payment providers such as Lynk Systems, First Data Merchant Services, and others, who sell the hardware and software that's needed for wireless verification. Wireless processing is not just convenient. The company says a wireless transaction is faster, taking less than five seconds, vs. 12 to 20 for a dial-up transaction. An additional benefit is that businesses using wireless services can readily change locations without having to worry about phone jacks or waiting for phones to be installed.By Wayne Kawamoto

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