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"Patagonia Sticks To Its Knitting" (Marketing, Dec.7)

Corrections & Clarifications

"Patagonia sticks to its knitting" (Marketing, Dec.7)

In "Patagonia sticks to its knitting" (Marketing, Dec.7), rival Moonstone Mountain Equipment Inc. was incorrectly identified.Return to top

"Japan" (Special Report, Nov. 30)

"Japan" (Special Report, Nov. 30) should have stated that government and university spending makes up 65% of basic research funding in the U.S., not 64% of total research spending.Return to top

"You've come a short way, baby" (Social Issues, Nov. 23)

"You've come a short way, baby" (Social Issues, Nov. 23) stated incorrectly that Philip Morris Cos. has no women among its 14 top corporate officers. It has four. Catalyst, which compiled the data, says a clerical error altered the information.Return to top

China's Killer Profits
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