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`Governance Doc, Heal Thyself' News: Analysis & Commentary, (Mar. 16 Issue)

Corrections & Clarifications

`Governance doc, heal thyself' News: Analysis & Commentary, (Mar. 16 issue)

"Governance doc, heal thyself" (News: Analysis & Commentary, Mar. 16) was incorrect when it described several new rules adopted by the California Public Employees' Retirement System. The rules include requiring board members to report all gifts monthly and to open more board meetings to the public. The story incorrectly attributed to State Senator Adam Schiff information concerning a real estate investment in which a board member's son-in-law has an interest.Return to top

`This time, the Empire may strike out' Up Front, (Mar. 9 issue)

"This time, the Empire may strike out" (Up Front, Mar. 9) erroneously said that Galoob Toys had lost its lead lender. Galoob has established a new line of credit with Congress Financial Corp. Galoob says the three-year, $75 million line of credit with Congress is on substantially more favorable terms than its earlier credit arrangement.Return to top

The Aging of Abercrombie & Fitch
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