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`T. Boone: A Raider Getting Raided?' (Up Front, May 12)

Corrections & Clarifications

`T. Boone: A raider getting raided?' (Up Front, May 12)

"T. Boone: A raider getting raided?" (Up Front, May 12) did not state or intend to suggest that a court injunction, issued in connection with divorce proceedings, prohibited T. Boone Pickens from using his money in a trading partnership, BP Capital Energy Fund. The court order specifically permits him to use the couple's money in that partnership. Also, the article did not intend to suggest that Pickens contested his wife's use of their home. He agreed to her living in the rented house.Return to top

`The cream of the crop in pensions, too' (Finance, May 19)

Information provided by Travelers Group in "The cream of the crop in pensions, too" (Finance, May 19) was incorrect. Every year, Travelers contributes $350 in cash to a 401(k) for every employee earning less than $40,000.Return to top

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