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Rivals Are Buzzing All Around Lufthansa (International Business, Mar. 3)

Corrections & Clarifications

Rivals are buzzing all around Lufthansa (International Business, Mar. 3)

On Apr. 1, Frederick Reid will become the first American to head Lufthansa, not the first American to head a non-U.S. airline ("Rivals are buzzing all around Lufthansa," International Business, Mar. 3).Return to top

Still more sophisticated (Technology & You, Mar. 10)

The correct phone number for Starfish Software, the maker of Sidekick 97, is 408 461-5800 ("Still more sophisticated," Technology & You, Mar. 10).Return to top

The Industry Outlook issue (`Metals,' Jan. 13)

Bethlehem Steel Corp. is not ceding its rail business to minimills, as was erroneously reported in the Industry Outlook issue ("Metals," Jan. 13).Return to top

Toyota's Hydrogen Man
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