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With The World Wide Web, Who Needs Wall Street? (Finance, Apr. 29)

Corrections & Clarifications

With the World Wide Web, who needs Wall Street? (Finance, Apr. 29)

In "With the World Wide Web, who needs Wall Street?" (Finance, Apr. 29), Smith Barney's Internet address should have been listed as to top

Technology & You (Apr. 29)

The telephone number to reach Iomega in the Bulletin Board section of Technology & You (Apr. 29) should have been 800 697-8833.Return to top

SBC-Pactel: A credible hulk? (News: Analysis & Commentary, Apr. 15)

In "SBC-Pactel: A credible hulk?" (News: Analysis & Commentary, Apr. 15), France Telecom should not have been cited as one of the 90 companies applying to provide local telephone service in California. France Telecom has no plans to enter U.S. local markets.Return to top

The BUSINESS WEEK 1000 (Cover Story, Mar. 25)

In "The BUSINESS WEEK 1000" (Cover Story, Mar. 25), the correct market value for Parametric Technology is $4,694 million, a 112% increase over the year before, making the company No.276 on the list. The correct number of shares outstanding is 126 million. Price as a percent of book value is 1,131%. Institutions hold 45% of the shares, and turnover is 361.2%. Also, the correct address for ITT Industries is 4 West Red Oak Lane, White Plains, N.Y. 10604. Its phone number is 914 641-2000. A corrected version of the tables and index, along with The BUSINESS WEEK 1000 sorted by industry, can be downloaded from America Online.Return to top

Race, Class, and the Future of Ferguson

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