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10.9.00    Forging a B2B Future in China's Steel Market
The Hong Kong startup is banking that 1,000 free computers and ultralow transaction costs will be keys to success

9.22.00    Small Businesses Look East
China trade is opening up "a whole new planet" for companies willing to do the hard work needed to tap it

9.18.00    Caught in the Battle over Bananas
and Beef

The Clinton Administration's retaliatory tariffs on European luxury goods are rebounding on small American importers

5.25.00    Cuba: An Island of Dreams for Entrepreneurs
Enmities are put aside as young business owners exchange ideas

5.12.00    Land of Opportunity
Capitalizing on chaos, Ian Bremmer opens doors for foreign business in Russia

4.19.00    A Chinese Puzzle: What Do Beijing's Net Policies Mean?
Jason Wu's encryption software company is at the center of China's ambivalent Web strategy

4.14.00    Currency Risk: A Constant Companion If You Do Business Abroad
Here are some alternatives to doing business exclusively in dollars

4.10.00    China's Two Big Portals Will Go Public, Sort Of
Beijing will allow their IPOs, but they can't include their mainland operating subsidiaries

4.5.00    Idealab! Goes Abroad
The opening of a London office — its first international branch — comes on the heels of a $1 billion financing round

3.28.00    Can Eachnet Become an eBay in China's Image?
It isn't easy being a Net auctioneer in a country where few people have computers or credit cards, and the law is ambiguous

3.1.00    Q&A: Why Asia Is Within Reach of Entrepreneurs
Consultant Robert Azar talks about how small U.S. companies can crack the region's markets

2.15.00    A Dragon Takes to the Web
Net startup is a pioneer in the Chinese B2B market

2.2.00    What Finally Lit the Venture-Capital Fire in Europe
Consumers embraced the Web en masse, and the small-cap bourses took off

2.1.00    This Swede Loves to "Surf on the Internet Avalanche"
Ola Ahlvarsson, CEO of Result Venture Knowledge International, talks about the Net explosion in Scandinavia and why e-business in Europe "must stay local"

12.20.99    Netrepreneurs Aren't Begging for Capital Anymore
The bad old days of the Asian financial meltdown are gone. Now, startups have their choice of backers

11.10.99    An Ex-Spook in Latin Cyberspace
Headed by a former CIA official, startup Zonafinanciera aims to be a financial portal for all of Latin America

11.3.99    Don Quixote Charging at Viruses
Spain's Panda Software takes on America's hypercompetitive antivirus software market

10.29.99    A British Incubator Turns Net Startups Into Multinationals
Protégé builds its clients' European subsidiaries — for a fee and equity

10.6.99    Filling Turkey's Need for Venture Capital
A banker hopes to lure foreign funds for later-stage companies

8.24.98    The Patient Way to Play the Asian Crisis
It's a time for building ties, not for profiteering

6.9.97    Exports: So You Think the World Is Your Oyster
Sure, there's money to be made in exporting. But cracking the global market takes work

10.21.96    Japan: When Pushing the Right Buttons Isn't Enough
The Japanese love Buz Lewis' gizmos. But profits abroad come tougher than he thought


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