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What a Few Quoizel Workers Say about the Company

Chris Matthews, Maintenance Worker: "I was hanging a big Tiffany shade in Mr. Phillips' office, and he struck up a conversation. Whenever I see him, he always speaks. The last company I worked at, the owner would walk right by you. I told a couple of my friends to apply, and they've already started. I'm careful who I recommend. I don't want to make myself look bad because I plan on staying."

Doug Tedford, Supervisor, Hand-Painting Dept.: "It's a flat organization, where decisions are made right in front of you. The owners come out into the production area and decide right then and there what they're going to do."

T.J. Brennan, Assembly Line Supervisor: "Anytime you have a problem, everybody's door is open. You don't have to hold anything back from anybody. They'll try to help you solve your problem as best you can."

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