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Business Week frontier Online writes every day about the marathon tasks entrepreneurs handle to get their companies off the ground and keep them running. The boom in entrepreneurship has galvanized the U.S. economy, and it's a phenomenon that's spreading around the globe. But this ramped-up style of business takes a big toll on the private lives of entrepreneurs and the people who work for them. As more and more high-intensity small companies spring up, the impact ripples through society, raising questions about workaholism, how to balance one's children's needs with those of the company, how to accommodate the needs of one's employees for balanced lives, and other areas where work and personal needs tend to collide.

To foster a dialogue on balancing work and personal life and to help entrepreneurs looking for some guidance on these subjects, Business Week frontier Online is launching a new advice column on Mar. 8. Jill Hamburg, a veteran business and work/family writer, will field questions, consult small-business and work-and-family experts, and publish answers in frontier Online every Wednesday. Send your questions to her at: We'll only publish initials and location, but please include your name, city, and state or country.

Jill Hamburg joins Pam Mendels, another new columnist whose monthly commentary on work/life issues was launched on Jan. 31. Her next is scheduled for Feb. 28. (See her first column: "Simple Benefits Go Far in Balancing Work and Family").

Please write to us with your observations, experiences, and questions on these matters.

Julia Lichtblau
Managing Editor
Business Week frontier Online


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