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The lack of a dependable water supply is a huge health and economic issue for many countries. Five experts discuss how to solve our water quality and management problems

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  • From left, Ahmet Bozer, Jae So, Carlos Riva, Thomas Powers, Jeff Sterba
    How the Experts Would Fix the Water Supply
    Is water the new oil? Population growth and agriculture are making it scarce in more places. Five experts debate the future of our most critical commodity
  • An Indian man bails water from his boat while surrounded by polluted foam in New Delhi at dawn on Dec. 9, 2012
    Water Quality: An Ignored Global Crisis
    If we continue on this path, investments of billions of dollars will be necessary to clean rivers, streams, lakes, and groundwater on which sources of clean water ultimately depend

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What's the easiest, most cost-effective way that regular citizens can combat water scarcity?

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