Marketing Culture

Manage the organization as though it were a start-up, so that it remains agile and on the cutting edge. Give plenty of autonomy to managers so they stay nimble, preserving entrepreneurial energy.
Develop an inclusive culture. Your greatest talents may be working at the lowest levels, so make sure to give everyone a voice. Companies that value creativity and ingenuity understand that ideas need not come only from the top.
Hire employees who are committed to their work and corporate mission. Everything from design of work stations to the culture of meetings and dress code can help attract and keep passionate employees if properly aligned with the brand.
Constantly define and redefine your priorities and be willing to restructure to achieve new goals. Make Change part of your DNA. Don’t take success for granted and continually “reapply” to retain your success and stay sharp.
Seek out partners that can advance your company’s strategy and help you reach your goals. To succeed in a competitive economy, even corporate giants must be prepared to become humble collaborators.
Don’t rely on company hierarchy to evangelize change – talk to employees when their direct managers aren’t around to help improve “buy-in” at all levels.
Break down silos by establishing teams of product developers, marketers, and sales people to encourage new ways of working for everyone.
Scrutinize the effectiveness of your marketing practices and be willing to dump even age-old traditions if doing so will move your company forward.
In times of crisis, establishing a central hub of activity can increase your sense of focus, set a healthy level of urgency, and imbue your team members with a deep sense of purpose.
In the face of change, move quickly and decisively to show competitors, employees, customers, and investors that you are committed to achieving success
Recognize and trust talent, giving people the space to be creative and follow their vision.
Instead of pointing fingers or trying to cover up mistakes, study your failures closely and strive to learn from them. While everyone wants to avoid stumbles, the reality is that is impossible to grow without taking risks, making errors, and understanding what went wrong.
Maintain a culture of fearlessness by launching products early and often, knowing that what’s important is the organization’s overall record of success, not its occasional failure.
Stay involved in your areas of expertise without micromanaging employees who have the skills that you lack.
Generate new ideas and avoid groupthink by creating a culture in which people feel comfortable debating and speaking their mind, even in front of top management.

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