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Fuel-Oil Shipments to Singapore Rebound in June; 16 Ships Booked

May 06, 2012

Fuel-oil shipments to Singapore rebounded from May, with 16 tankers carrying 3.38 million metric tons scheduled to arrive in Singapore from outside Asia in June, vessel-charter data compiled by Bloomberg show.

The tankers, including 10 very large crude carriers, have been booked to collect the fuel for ships and power generators from ports in Europe and the Caribbean, according to data from shipbrokers including Poten & Partners Inc. in New York. The cargo volume compares with 2.68 million tons reported for June arrival as of last week.

Nineteen vessels carrying 2.99 million tons will arrive in May at Singapore, Asia’s oil-trading hub and the region’s largest port for fuel-oil cargoes, Asia’s oil-trading hub and the region’s largest port for fuel-oil cargoes. That compares with 2.9 million booked as of last week, according to the data.

The volumes are below the 3.6 million tons in March and 4 million tons in February, the most since at least July.

The following is a summary of tankers reported as contracted to carry fuel oil to Singapore. Cargoes are in thousands of tons. Arrival time is calculated based on information on the website and assuming a total of four days for loading and unloading at ports. A VLCC can carry about 2 million barrels of oil. Charters are subject to cancelation.

Vessel Name    Cargo Size  Loading    Arrival    Charterer
             (thousand tons)          Singapore
Sanko Breeze        80     Kerch      June 7      Mercuria
Front Commander    270     Caribbean  June 24     PetroChina
Paramount Hydra     80     U.S.       June 25     Stusco
Janah Star         270     Caribbean  June 10     Trafigura
Nordic Apollo      130    Rotterdam   June 11     Unipec
Amoureux           130 U.K. Continent June 5      Koch
Delta Ocean        130    Latvia      June 2      Litasco
Setagawa           270    Rotterdam   June 13     Cargill
Maersk Nucleus     270    U.S. Gulf   June 16     ST Shipping
Nova TBN           270    U.S. Gulf   June 16     ST Shipping
Nordic Moon        130    Tallin      June 2      Koch
Altair Trader      270    Caribbean   June 5      PetroChina
Sirius Start       270    Caribbean   June 10     PetroChina
Australis          270    Caribbean   June 9      PetroChina
BW Poeny           270    Caribbean   June 6      PetroChina
Manah              270    Rotterdam   June 5      Clearlake
Total            3,380

United Fortitude    80    Black Sea    May 27     Solal
Ocean Lady         100    Turkey       May 24     Clearlake
Aral Sea           100    Kerch        May 23     Solal
Evridiki           130    Europe       May 30     Cargill
Ross Sea            80    Black Sea    May 14     Solal
Four Bay            80    Europe       May 21     KMG
Jag Lata            80    U.S. Gulf    May 27     Westport
Front Pride        135    Rotterdam    May 4      Litasco
Vermilion Energy    80    Malta        May 5      Newton
Sks Saluda         135    Rotterdam    May 11     BP
Ottoman Integrity  135    Turkey       May 2      Shell
Zarifa Aliyeva     135    Rotterdam    May 7      BP
Hs Medea           100    Tallin       May 4      Mercuria
Al Shegaya         270    Rotterdam    May 30     Unipec
Maersk Hayama      270    Caribbean    May 11     PetroChina
Ibukisan           270    Caribbean    May 18     PetroChina
Front Energy       270    Rotterdam    May 14     ConocoPhillips
Ds Venture         270    Caribbean    May 10     PetroChina
Kalliopi           270    Caribbean    May 8      Unipec
Total            2,990

Northia            130    Rotterdam    April 30   Cargill
Captain X.Kyriakou 130    Malta        April 22   Newton
Pacific Galaxy     100    Tallin       April 29   Mercuria
Front Endurance    270    Caribbean    April 27   PetroChina
Monterey           100    Turkey       April 8    Clearlake
Pacific Energy      80    Turkey       April 7    Clearlake
AET TBN             80    U.S.         April 21   Stusco
Al Salheia         275    Rotterdam    April 21   PetroChina
Spyros             275    Caribbean    April 14   PetroChina
Samco Scandinavia  275    Caribbean    April 24   PetroChina
Pacific Glory      270    Rotterdam    April 20   Cargill
Wilsky             130    Colombia     April 11   Repsol
Gulf Sheba         275    Caribbean    April 10   PetroChina
Sonangol Kassanje  130    U.S. Gulf    April 10   Stusco
Amantea            275    Caribbean    April 9    PetroChina
Overseas Raphael   270    Caribbean    April 5    ST Shipping
Samail             275    Skaw         April 3    Koch
Cap Felix          130    Tallin       April 2    Koch
Total            3,470

Month           Volume
June             3,380
May              2,990
April            3,470
March            3,575
February         3,995
January          3,550

December         2,955
November         2,430
October          1,385
September        2,450
August           2,040
July             2,720

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