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IDBI and INDIAN CDs Deals:Indian Money Market

April 19, 2012

Following is a table showing certificate of deposits issued by Indian banks.The data has been provided by Derivium Tradition Securities(I) Pvt. Ltd ,NVS Brokerage Ltd ,Mata Securities India Pvt Ltd And SPA Securities Ltd.

Date           Security      Mty Date  Qnty  Rate   Buyer      Contributor
19-Apr-12      INDIAN        11-Jul-12 25   9.18    CAN BK     SPAS
19-Apr-12      INDIAN        11-Jul-12 75   9.18    PNB        SPAS
19-Apr-12      INDIAN        3 MONTHS       9.18               MATA
19-Apr-12      INDIAN        3 MONTHS  25   9.18    CAN BK     NVSB
19-Apr-12      INDIAN        3 MONTHS  75   9.18               NVSB
19-Apr-12      IDBI          13-Jul-12 200  9.20    SYNDICATE  SPAS
19-Apr-12      IDBI          3 MONTHS  200  9.20    BANK       NVSB
19-Apr-12      INDIAN        18-Jul-12 100  9.18               TFCS
19-Apr-12      INDIAN        3 MONTHS  100  9.18               DCAP

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