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Posted by: Lindsey Gerdes on June 09

By: Anne Vandermey Who needs benefits, anyway? In this economic climate any job will do—even one without health care, stability, or in some cases, without a salary. Enter the post-college...

At First Blush

Posted by: Lindsey Gerdes on June 02

As a young professional, I (like many of us) have worried about coming across as mature and capable. I've written about wearing power suits in situations in which I felt...

Grads Are Cautiously Optimistic

Posted by: Lindsey Gerdes on June 02

By: Anne Vandermey Recession or no, for new grads, hope springs eternal. Although data show only two of every 10 2009 graduates had a job lined up as of April,...

A Silver Lining To The Tough Entry-Level Job Market?

Posted by: Lindsey Gerdes on June 01

A little while back I read an interesting blurb about the tough entry-level job market in one of my favorite magazines, The Week. The author basically said that the implosion...


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