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Frozen Lakes for Car Testing

Bloomberg's Ola Kinnander reports on the testing ground in Sweden where BMW and other carmakers put new models through their paces just south of the Arctic Circle

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Forget the Economy. Hire Now

Instead of waiting until the economy strengthens further, employers should fill positions new and old now, before the talent war reignites. Pro or con?


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The More You Make, the Less You Pay

Eleven shelters, dodges, and rolls—all perfectly legal—used by America's wealthiest people

The Megabus Effect

After decades of decline, the bus is the U.S.'s fastest-growing way to travel, led by curbside service from Megabus, BoltBus, and others

The Professors and Qaddafi's Extreme Makeover

What was lost when some of America's finest scholars got paid to buff the Libyan dictator's image?

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Plagiarism on the Increase

Reader Dan writes: "The rate of plagiarism and cheating on exams has gone up proportionally to the rewards students get both at school and outside school."


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Bob Diamond

The CEO of Barclays talks about the need for stimulus-free job growth—and recalls the circumstances that drove Lehman into his arms