The World's Best Brands

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The success stories—and the failures—of this year's Top 100

Best Global Brands

How the BusinessWeek/Interbrand Top 100 companies are using their brands to fuel expansion

Online Extra: The 100 Top Brands Interactive Scoreboard

Interactive rankings from BusinessWeek and Interbrand

Online Extra: Slide Show: Top 100 Global Brands

Online Extra: Quiz: Your Brand IQ

Graphic: The Big Winners

Graphic: The Big Losers

Online Extra: Brand Extensions We Could Do Without

Marketing by brand is big money, but just how far can you stray from your core product or service before consumers say no?

Online Extra: Slide Show: Bad for the Brand?

Here's a look at seven brand extensions that are a real stretch

Burt's Bees: Up From Craft Fairs

In a Q&A, CEO John Replogle on keeping a homey touch while expanding big time

Queen Of Pop

Meet Mary Minnick. She's blunt. She's impatient. And she's putting the fizz back in tired Coke

Online Extra: Slide Show: The Real Zing

A photo presentation illustrates 120 years of Coke ads

Chart: Investors: Switching To Pepsi?

Chart: Coming Up Flat

Graphic: Coke's New Attitude

Bio: Mary E. Minnick

Graphic: Mary's Makeover

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The Top 100 Brands

Here's a look at the world's most valuable brands according to the latest BusinessWeek/Interbrand survey

The Web's Most Viral Ads

Online video ads are meant for cheap laughs, but getting them onto the Net and influencing viewers is no joke

The Making of a Cartier Watch

Cartier's "regular" watches are already some of the most ornate and beautiful in the world. Their handmade $80,000 Santos 100, of which there are only 20 in the world, takes the cake

The Best Product Design of 2006: These winners have beauty, relevance, and most of all—delight.

Best Products of the Year A fuel-cell motorcycle, a two-lens camera and 106 more.

Inside the Judging The chair of the 2006 Industrial Design Excellence Awards lifts the curtain on the process

The Turnaround Artist: Meet the designer who led Panasonic to six awards

Plus: Who Won?: The top medal-winners at this year's Industrial Design Excellence Awards

Plus: Who scooped the most medals over the past five years?

Warehouse Wonder: The making of Crown Equipment's award-winning stockpicker

The Soul of a New Machine: How Ziba helped Lenovo create a computer for modern China

Laptop Impossible: Designing a computer for the developing world

Ace Shooter: The creation of Kodak's dual-lens camera

Two-second Shelter: Building a tent that will build itself