The Winner's Circle

Many European BusinessWeek 50 stars are in services, and they're all going global in a big way

Online Extra: Slide Show: Ten That Caught Our Fancy

BHP Billiton: A One-Stop Commodity Shop

The world's largest mining group is raking it in -- and counting on China for its future

Deutsche Bank Reclimbs the Ladder

After four years of restructuring pain, the German giant now posts double-digit jumps in revenue. Its CEO aims to take it even higher

New Interests for Sweden's Investor Company

A new manager is "shaking things up" at a company that protect its portfolio

Online Extra: Euro BW50 Rankings Interactive Table


3i: A Major Player in Midsize Deals

The British private equity firm is on a lucrative run -- and it's looking further afield 11/7/05

Telefonica Rings a Big Bell

A massive $31.4 billion takeover bid for British mobile operator O2 is the latest in a wave of mergers reshaping Europe's telecom landscape 11/1/05

E.On Bids Big for Endesa

With the EU pressing for deregulated power markets and utilities flush with cash, the $66 billion offer is likely a taste of things to come 2/21/06

Arcelor: Steeling Thunder?

Europe's steel giant may have finally found a way to thwart a takeover by Mittal. Regardless of who wins, the industry is poised for consolidation 5/26/06

Hostile Takeovers, Euro-Style

Once frowned upon as rude, U.S.-style unsolicited bids are becoming all the rage on the Continent 4/21/06

Why You Should Worry About Big Oil

Beyond the fat profits, the giants are surprisingly vulnerable worldwide. That's bad news for business -- and consumers 5/15/06

Rolls-Royce, At Your Service

Careful attention to customers is key to its rebound in commercial jet engines 11/14/05

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Ten That Caught Our Fancy

From all ranks in the listing, these companies -- in mining, aerospace, and more -- represent some of the most vibrant sectors in Europe

Ranking S&P's European 350

An interactive table covering the full spectrum of companies from which the BW50 is drawn

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