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Current BW Magazine Table of Contents

January 30, 2006 BW Magazine Table of Contents

January 30, 2006 Special Report -- Outsourcing Table of Contents



The Future Of Outsourcing
How it's transforming whole industries and changing the way we work

Slide Show: Five Offshore Practices That Pay Off

Angling To Be The Next Bangalore

Online Extra: Up-and-Comers in the Outsourcing Race
India and China still hold the lead, but Russia, Nicaragua, and Botswana are raising the stakes with attractive incentives

Online Extra: From Russia with Technology?
Is the country poised to become a global software leader? With a little government help, it just might be ready to join the big leagues

Online Extra: Can Latin America Challenge India?
With proximity to the U.S. and free trade agreements in place, many countries south of the border are building up their outsourcing infrastructure

Online Extra: Emerging Outsourcing Players

Online Extra: Slide Show: Major Players in Outsourcing
An expanded look at Gartner Inc.'s analysis of the who, what, where, and how much of offshore outsourcers

Online Extra: How BofA Banks on Offshoring
Having grown via acquisition, it's used to having far-flung operations. Now with centers in Asia, it's able to keep projects moving 24 hours a day

Online Extra: Penske's Offshore Partner in India
The truck-leasing outfit works with Genpact in India and Mexico to improve efficiency and customer service

Online Extra: Worldly Lessons for Wolters Kluwer
At first, the publisher micromanaged offshore work. But stronger partnerships are now helping it trim costs and expand product offerings

Online Extra: Lilly's Labs Go Global
To cut costs and speed development, the drugmaker steps up R&D outsourcing -- including clinical trials -- to countries such as India and China

Online Extra: Boeing's Global Strategy Takes Off
The aerospace titan is taking a measured approach to outsourcing, with help from local teams

Online Extra: The Cost-Killer in Manila
Law firm Baker & McKenzie leads the field in offshoring important operations, with the help of a crack staff in the Philippines and elsewhere

Online Extra: Answering the Call in Manila
Customer-service centers provide a fun work environment, good salaries, and even room for career advancement

Online Extra: Wachovia's Change of Heart
The bank took a long time to discover the virtues of outsourcing -- but now it admits they're irresistible. Still, it's not sending any call-center work overseas

Online Extra: IndyMac's Indian Adventure
The lender's decision to move its high-skill jobs to India has required extra supervision but resulted in increased offerings

Online Extra: ABN Amro's Smart Moves
The European banking giant took its time developing an outsourcing plan, and that deliberation is paying off

Online Extra: HSBC's Lessons in Outsourcing
The bank's software-development center in Pune, India, has become one of its most important operations. Here's what HSBC learned in the process

Online Extra: Deutsche Bank's Outsourcing Imperative
Daniel Marovitz, a top tech exec at the German bank, says "if you don't do it, you won't survive"

Cover Story Podcast


The Ongoing Allure of Outsourcing

S&P says the data-processing & outsourced-services subindustry looks good -- and not just because of potential buyouts

Subcontinental Drift

More Westerners are beefing up their resumes with a stint in India

Call Centers In The Rec Room

"Homeshoring" takes off as moms and others provide an alternative to offshoring

Business Prophet

How strategy guru C.K. Prahalad is changing the way CEOs think

Meet the Small-Biz-Friendly China

From manufacturing to services to e-commerce, a lucrative new world awaits small companies that learn to play smartly.

India's Looming IT Labor Shortage

Without updated infrastructure and a better education system, the outsourcing mecca faces a dearth of qualified engineers.

India And China: Not Just Cheap

U.S. companies that assume they'll always have an innovation and design edge over emerging economies are in for a hard lesson (right, Detroit?).

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