A New World Economy

The balance of power will shift to the East as China and India evolve

Crouching Tigers, Hidden Dragons

The economic momentum isn't unstoppable. China and India face huge obstacles to growth

Slide Show: What's Cool

From Shanda Interactive's wildly popular online game World of Legend to a five-star hotel, check out these trendsetters

Online Extra: What's Next for China's Miracle?

Economist Hai Wen on the challenges ahead in maintaining the current momentum in coming years, from exports to health care

Online Extra: "China Is a Private-Sector Economy"

Economist Fan Gang points to a 70% share of GDP now in private hands, but he acknowledges that much improvement is still needed

Online Extra: A Thousand Chinese Desires Bloom

A large study gives insight into the mindset of China's increasingly varied consumers, a complexity foreign outfits need to get to grips with

Online Extra: India's New Worldly Women

The country's younger generation is shedding submissive attitudes, wants careers, and longs for wealth. And marketers are paying attention

Online Extra: The Trade Challenge

An economist and a mathematician say open borders are still best, but America must remain committed to innovation and smart policies

Online Extra: Jobs That Could Swim Offshore

Nurses and barbers don't need to fear for their livlihoods, say two researchers. Most everyone else, don't be so confident

Slide Show: China and India: From Then to Now

Take a quick trip through 4,600 years of economic, political, and cultural history

Expert Roundtable 1
Growth: China vs. India

The debate's first question is, Will India ever grow as rapidly as China? If so, how might that occur?

Expert Roundtable 2:
Should China Be Feared?

The debate's second question is, Is China's rapid rise good for the rest of the world? Or something to be feared? Or some of each?

Expert Roundtable 3
India and China: Partners?

The debate's third question is, Are India and China rivals for world markets and resources, or will they tend to be business partners?

Expert Roundtable 4
Advice for the U.S.

The debate's fourth question is, What should the U.S., and individual Americans, do to keep good, high-paying jobs in the U.S.?

Expert Roundtable 5
Can China and India Innovate?

The debate's fifth question is, Will either or both become leaders in technological innovation? And if so, in what fields?

Expert Roundtable 6
Chinese and Indian Youth

The debate's sixth question is, How are young Indians and Chinese different from their elders? Smarter? Lazier? Less obedient?

Expert Roundtable 7
Reading about China and India

The debate's seventh question is, What books do you think would help people understand China, India, or both?

Expert Roundtable 8
What Could Go Wrong?

The debate's final question is, Both China and India appear to be on a path of strong and sustainable growth. What, if anything, might knock them off this path?


Asking The Right Questions

These Indian companies realized Western models won't work

Taking A Page From Toyota's Playbook

Wipro and other Indian info-tech companies are boosting efficiency by emulating the Japanese carmaker

Slide Show: Wipro's Team Bangalore

A look at how one globalized worker, an Indian medical claims supervisor, manages her day

Who's Got Performance?

Investor alert: India's companies beat China's

The State's Long Apron Strings

China's multinationals, powerful as they seem, are still beholden to the Party. That's both a blessing and a burden

Online Extra: Lenovo's Long March

The acquisition of IBM's PC unit brings more than "management and synergy," says CFO Mary Ma, who sees a wide world opportunities

Online Extra: Dipping a Yankee Toe in China

John Bank runs a successful small manufacturer in Chicago -- but he feels compelled to stake out a future in Asia. Here's why

Online Extra: TCL Multimedia's Global Agenda

CFO Vincent Yan on how Beijing does -- and doesn't -- support it, the Thomson merger, and the marketplace's "extreme challenges"

Online Extra: "Survival of the Fittest" in China Netcom

CEO Edward Tian discusses the challenges of running the state-owned telco and the "50% business and 50% politics balance" it entails

It's Getting Hotter In The East

After years of frustration for U.S. companies, China starts to pay off

Online Extra: GE's Indian Adventure

The multinational's top exec in the country explains where it fits in the "One GE" strategy

Online Extra: Cendant Hotels Checks into China

CEO Rudnitsky says the chain's "woeful" global presence will change and thinks the burgeoning Chinese middle class offers "huge opportunities"

Online Extra: Sitting Pretty in Shanghai

Haworth Furniture made a ho-hum start of its China venture. When its approach to the market clicked, so did its fortunes

How Cummins Does It

The engine maker runs different game plans in India and China

The Great Bank Overhaul

Can a Chinese bank be a model for heroic reform?

Online Extra: The Riches of the Orient

Investors in China and India can benefit from a guide who knows the terrain. Here are a few tips from some old hands


Trying To Tame The Blackboard Jungle

As more Indian children flood into schools, educators struggle to boost quality

The Other MIT

Manipal Institute of Technology and other second-tier schools like it are India's real tech secrets

The Seeds of the Next Silicon Valley

How Indian tech companies are helping to incubate startups

No Peasant Left Behind

China has made great strides. Now can it fix its backward rural schools?

A Whole New School Of Thought

Shantou University offers a blueprint for education reform

Online Extra: Making Waves in Guangdong

Berkeley's Julia Hsiao discusses educational reforms being pioneered at Shantou University. "We are creating a ripple effect," she says


Scrambling Up The Development Ladder

By leveraging software wizardry and low-cost talent, India is eyeing the next level: Tech innovation

Online Extra: IBM's Passage to India

Big Blue is making a big play in the subcontinent's tech sector, partly by hiring more locals

Online Extra: India: An Agent of Change

That's how Infosys CEO Nandan Nilekani sees the country's impact on the U.S. economy, through globalization and outsourcing

Online Extra: A Brain Trust in Bangalore

Sarnoff and other big tech names are setting up research operations in India -- and not just because of the cheap labor

A New Lab Partner For The U.S.?

China's rapid rise in science could make it a valuable ally in breakthrough research

Online Extra: This Nano Whiz Is Thinking Big

Scientist Han Jie took his American training back to China to help create a world-class nanotech research center in Shanghai

China Ramps Up

It's adding massive factory capacity in tech-intensive industries such as autos and electronics


Waking Up To Their Rights

A grassroots movement of activists and lawyers is helping increasingly assertive workers get their due

Online Extra: Hard Labor in Guangdong

Not only must Huang Huiping find workers for local factories, she must defend their rights and conditions. That can be a tough brief

Online Extra: A New China for Organized Labor

A top official of China's only union discusses duking it out with Wal-Mart, recruiting migrants, and gearing up for labor arbitration

Online Extra: A Blacklisted Labor Leader Speaks Out

Lee Cheuk Yan of the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions talks about the challenges of protecting workers

A Big, Dirty Growth Engine

Pollution still chokes China, but green technology is starting to emerge

Slide Show: China's Dirty Face

As the Middle Kingdom's economy has grown, so have the environmental costs of largely unregulated growth

Online Extra: Winds of Change in Inner Mongolia

The windfarm at Huitengxile can't compete with coal-fired generators, but a global market in emission rights could change that

Online Extra: A Big Green Opportunity in China

Where some see pollution, Veolia's Jorge Mora sees $800 million worth of environmental projects, with lots more to come

India's Untold Story

For those at the bottom, standards of living are inching higher


America's New Competition

How the U.S. could beat the gloomy projections

Online Extra: Sucking the Life Out of Hoover

As rivals abroad continue to underprice it by huge margins, one factory worker tries to cope with her fading prospects for a job in Ohio

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China India

China and India: A Visual Overview

See the faces and the places that are giving China and India the chance to transform the 21st-century global economy


Whats Cool

What's Cool

From Shanda Interactive's wildly popular online game World of Legend to a five-star hotel, check out these trendsetters



A Day in the Life

Wipro's Team Bangalore: A look at how one globalized worker, an Indian medical claims supervisor, manages her day



China's Dirty Face

As the Middle Kingdom's economy has grown, so have the environmental costs of largely unregulated growth



Historical Timeline

China and India, from then to now: Take a quick trip through 4,600 years of economic, political, and cultural history




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