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Current BW Magazine Table of Contents

November 29, 2004 BW Magazine Table of Contents

November 29, 2004 Special Report -- Philanthropy 2004 Table of Contents


Bill and Melinda Gates donated their entire Microsoft Corp. dividend --
about $3 billion

The Top Givers
In our annual rankings, normally generous philanthropists played "supersize me"

The 50 Most Generous Philanthropists (.pdf)

Online Extra: Seeking "an Impact of Scale"
Home Depot co-founder Arthur Blank on making a difference with his philanthropy and the programs that he's most passionate about

Online Extra: Investing in the Greater Good
Philip and Donna Berber, founders of A Glimmer of Hope, see their charity not as a nonprofit but as a "social profit enterprise"

Online Extra: A Talk with Oprah Winfrey
The media mogul explains a key focus of her charity work: "Education is freedom. It provides the tools to affect one's own destiny"

Online Extra: African American Giving Comes of Age
The black community's large amount of philanthropy isn't new. But new wealth, education, and strategy are creating more impact

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Gifts
Some carry charity to surprising lengths

The eBay Way
The site's founder wanted to know how best to give. He asked, he listened. Here's what he learned

Online Extra: A Talk with Pierre Omidyar
"Long-term sustainable change" occurs by helping people to discover their own power, says the eBay founder of his philanthropic approach

The Corporate Givers
U.S. companies have discovered that global philanthropy can reap big dividends

Methodology: Figuring Out Which Companies Gave Most
Crunching the data to rank donors
America's Top Givers


Big Givers

Nov. 18 - BW's Bruce Nussbaum on new faces in philanthropy, and unique ways for the wealthy to contribute


"The New Face of Philanthropy"

According to Hasbro Chairman Alan Hassenfeld, donors want more than gala dinners -- they demand results (8/3/04)

A Tale of Two Huge Gift Givers

McDonald's heiress Joan Kroc and Microsoft's Bill Gates both donated large sums recently -- but took rather different approaches (7/23/04)

"I Want to Prove Dr. Atkins Was Right"

The low-carb diet guru's widow, Veronica, says she's funding research in the hopes of validating his theories on nutrition (6/18/04)

A Philanthropist Of The Old School

Ruth Lilly is among today's supergivers, but her style is definitely retro (2/16/04)

Special Report: Philanthropy 2003

Today's philanthropists aren't leaving the good works to future generations -- they're making their mark now (12/1/03)

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